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Digital Strategies for Business in times of COVID19

24 Jul,2021 by Admin

Covid-19 (Corona Virus) first detected in early December 2019 in China is declared as a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization). It has gone on to become the most life-threatening epidemic faced by humanity in world history. As the number of cases continues to escalate rapidly, around the globe, it is on the verge of-

  • Disrupting everyday lives.
  • Shattering health systems.
  • Making way for devastating geopolitical changes.
  • Changed Business models across geographies.

Experts have also warned that the global economy may nose-dive for the worst and millions of people may be the victims of the same; So much for the negative impact?

In this time of crisis, there still is a ray of hope to minimize if not completely eradicate the gloom-ridden impact of the catastrophe. As they say, every black cloud has a silver lining. So,

  • Could this be the start of a digital era?
  • Could this transform organizations the world over to take note of the importance of digitization?
  • Could this make way for the positive impact of this crisis?

Digital Businesses have a ray of hope by making digitization work from them. It may be a force to reckon with if utilized to the optimum level streamlining work processes and mitigating the losses.

So, what can ORGANIZATIONS do right now to lead from a digital podium?

Following this, it is important early on to take a recce of the digital preparedness of your organization and where you need to focus on. To maintain robust business continuity, organizations need to aim at the important areas or departments which matter to them the most.

You need to simply have a website -

A good website is the cornerstone of every business, Big, medium, or small. It need not be a very complex website but a basic one which supports all the criteria. It should have good landing pages and should be optimized for Google or any top search engines. So, organizations should focus on a well-optimized website featuring their products or services.

Increase your Social Media presence — Make it your strong point.

Your customers need to have updates on your business which will help in maintaining the old customers and also gaining new ones. Secondly promoting your business on any social media platform can be easily seen by people and it is a guaranteed way to talk about your business. Interesting trivia’s, updates and any of information which will make you stand out from the rest of the competitors can easily made available on social media.

Making automation simplified -

Maybe now is the time for organizations to take note of the fact that simple automation techniques will be highly beneficial for them and will be able to achieve a range of tasks. They typically include email query management in case of a huge volume of emails from clients (this includes sending emails also) and transferring of the data within the systems. In these times where ‘Social Distancing’ is the key, group meetings can be held with tools like Doodle, and Teem which provide virtual or automated space lobbies to help direct meetings.

Having a foresight post COVID -

Companies should understand that the world is not going to be the same after the pandemic gets over. There have been instances where great innovation has made way amidst huge setbacks and transformed the working of the organizations for the better.

Companies should create a customer-oriented approach and a sustainable plan. Bringing highly skilled and knowledgeable teams virtually together who can log-in anytime in whichever part of the world and deliver their commitments without any interruptions.

The need for Action -

Organizations also need to understand that there will be new opportunities and challenges post-Covid and there needs to be an action plan for the same.

Digitization gives companies a competitive advantage. It is the need of the hour not just in times of crises like COVID but in the long run also. Organizations need to have a clear strategic vision, be able to share the vision, and also evolve from the same. The core digital strategy and company ideology should blend to create a winning workforce.

At Digitalize the Globe, our expert team will ensure all the top strategies to elevate your business to the top level with innovative planning, analytics and creative approaches.

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