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Covid and the Future of Digital Marketing

03 Aug,2021 by Admin

“The only constant in life is change”- Heraclitus.

In our lives, we face a lot of changes. Those can be as minor as routine changes to climate and weather changes to something at a higher level.

As humans, we have known to have adaptability but when something seemingly unexpected happens and the ‘RANGE’ of that adaptability is huge we have to plan calculated strategies and work out plans accordingly.

Already a lot has been said about COVID and the effects on several businesses, so we would not get into that. We will for the time being focus on how is the future of Digital marketing post the COVID phase and how do digital marketers have to ‘ADAPT’ to the new business scenario.
The biggest advantage of the pandemic is that more and more people are now online due to the restrictions which are being put forth.

At a glance what do the marketers need to focus on?

• Social Media - most important. This is where all the action is.
• SEO - need to focus on the new and relevant strategies for improving website ranking.
• Content Marketing - what is that x-factor in content which you can offer? What is that one thing that will make you stand out from your competitors?

We now take a look in detail:-

• Changes in Brand Communication -
Digital marketers need to have a more realistic approach rather than an opportunistic approach. They need to communicate the brand’s purpose. They need to communicate with the consumers on a deeper level and adopt a more optimistic process.

The bottom line is digital marketing companies need to pick up the thread from where they had left pre COVID and work on a holistic perspective for the new business scenario.

• Focus on Cross-network search engines to advertise -
With competition being intense it is but imperative that marketers have to focus on more than just one source of search engines. This will enable you to find new audiences and also increase the number of people who will search you or for your services. Some of the leading search engines apart from Google and Bing, Yandex, CC search, Swiss cows, Start Page.

• Make priority for display and YouTube -
With more and more people spending time online, marketers can focus on innovative videos with catchy and interesting content. This is will make your loyal audiences hooked on to your brand and ultimately increase the visits to the sites.

•  Adjusting SEO -
We have mentioned above that you need to have a change in your SEO approach that COVID has drastically changed the way people search content online. No one really knows what will the top trending word, news or story online. So, it is important what kind of traffic your ads are getting. You also need to keep on adding new negative keywords to prevent your ads from getting traffic by irrelevant searches.

• Focus on trending searches -
You also have to take note that before COVID, there was a drastic difference in trending searches. There has been a sudden surge in COVID related keywords or the related keywords. Google Trends is a great tool to help find the relevant keywords and keep a check on people’s priorities.

• Shifting to mobile -
Picture this - You want to urgently search something, and you are not in front of your PC, laptop. What is the easiest way for you to search for the information in the least amount of time? Your mobile of course! A mobile compatible story and information which is available on the go is the most preferred thing for consumers right now.

Conclusion - It is unfortunately not clear as to how long the pandemic will last and how long things will last. But as they say, every black cloud has a silver lining. Digital marketers need to have a thorough research about the changing marketing trends and leverage these to brace for a changing business environment in the post-COVID digital marketing scenario.

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